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Name Change procedures are very common in United States; it is your legal right. NameChangeInc makes the process simple, professional, and affordable. Compared to other online preparation firms, Namechangeinc.com is the most affordable and also provide a 100% Full Money Back Guarantee if our petitions are not accepted by the courthouse or you simply decide not to pursue the name change (up to 6 months). Unlike other firms and websites, we do not provide empty kits, forms, or downloadable materials. Each case is handled by an actual associates. We process all the required motions and documents required by law for your state/county courts.

The name change drafting process done by our associates can take 24-48 business hours. Once your adult or minor name change petitions are completed, it will be mailed to your address.
Publication depends on your state. If publication is required you will receive instructions by your paralegal or the clerk of courts.
Yes. Namechangeinc.com is monitored by Versign, Inc 2056 bit encryption, Trustkeeper, Authorize.net, Godaddy, and other top monitoring firms. Rest Assure that Namechangeinc.com does not need any vital information. Vital information such as social security, passport, drivers licenses, ID's, etc, are not needed during the online submission, document preparation, and name change process. Social and all other ID's will be changed by the petitioner (you) after you receive your court decree by contacting those entities to amend your documents.
Yes, once your name change decree has been filed/approved.
This depends on your county and state. Some states and counties can take several days, weeks, or 1-3-5 months.
Yes, for a minor name change you must receive consent from the biological parent unless you have FULL custody.
This is a very common issue and it will be explained to the courthouse (contact us for more information if required).
(please see above) (contact us for more information if required).
(If the other biological parent does give consent; it will be argued and decided by the judge (contact us for more information if required).
Yes, if you have full custody (contact us for more information if required).
No, as long as you are a permanent resident.