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At NameChangeInc.com (CA based Corporation), respecting the privacy and security of our client's information is very important. Namechangeinc.com has strict policies and passes various checkpoints on a daily bases to keep personal and financial information secure. Nothing is more important to us then our clients, therefore Namechangeinc.com has captured the top agencies in the market today to monitor the site. Click here

The firm NameChangeInc.com (CA based Corporation), collects personal information in order to conduct and complete the required legal applications. Namechangeinc.com does not require nor asks for socials security numbers, birth certificates, passport, driver licenses, state issued ID's, or any other vital information/document (it is not needed during the filing of this process). Once the name change is approved; you will present these documents for modification within their correct department/governmental agencies. This information obtained remains offline and is discarded once the legal procedures are completed. At no time will NameChangeInc.com, sell, rent, buy or provide any client information to a third party.

Adult Name Changes

An adult can file a name change petition (change or modification of first, middle, last or entire name) if he/she is over the age of majority in the state they currently reside in. Some state require that the adult be a resident of that state for a period of 6 months prior to any name change petitions.

Rest assure that your information is secure and safe.

  • We will never buy, sell or release any information obtained.
  • NameChangeInc.com does not require any vital information or documents.
  • With personal information, e-mail addresses are also kept private and secure.
  • Associates and employees have very strict policies and are subject to termination and criminal charges if violations do occur.
  • Only authorized employees only have access to key information.
  • The site is monitored by the FBI on a daily basis.
  • Credit Card Transactions are monitored/secured by Authorize.net.
  • NameChangeInc.com uses VeriSign, Inc in order to secure your online business communication.
  • Credit card and financial information are securely kept and monitored through top agencies in the marketplace today.
  • We have the latest security in the market today. Information received is encrypted and monitored.
  • We will never release, buy, sell, rent or release any personal information to a third party AGENCY.

Terms of Use

NameChangeInc.com., is a professional documentation firm structured to assist our clients with their common legal matters. NameChangeInc.com's main focus is to provide award winning customer service, professional services and to help our clients save money by offering attorney free prices. NameChangeInc.com., was engineered to assist individuals nationwide with their name change petitions/procedures.

NameChangeInc.com, is not a law firm, and the employees of NameChangeInc.com, do not furnish, or provide any legal advice. The site of NameChangeInc.com, does not represent an attorney-client relationship. By using the services of NameChangeInc.com, no attorney-client relationship is created. You are representing yourself in any legal matter when you undertake using the services offered by NameChangeInc.com. You are encouraged to consult with an attorney.

NameChangeInc.com, will professionally review your documents for common mistakes such as grammar, spelling, etc. At no time will NameChangeInc.com, draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply certain statutes/laws to your situation. The legal information obtained on this site is not intended as legal advice. Because the law changes rapidly, NameChangeInc.com., updates the site on a weekly basis; however the contents offered on the site are not guaranteed to be correct or up-to-date. This site is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney and we recommend that you seek legal counsel prior to your order.

NameChangeInc.com, is a legal document preparation firm. NameChangeInc.com is not responsible for injuries, claims, liability, damages, or any loss related to the use of our services or the site contents. Please use the site at your own risk. NameChangeInc.com does not have any control over court dates, calendaring of cases, or case docketing. The client is responsible for trial representation, statutes of limitations, changes of dates and resets.

Refund Policy

100% Money Back Refund Guarantee (on site): If the courthouse and county courts do NOT accept our petitions/forms; FULL Refund is given once the application has been returned to NameChangeInc.com business location (you will have 3-4 months to return the materials after submission). There will be no refunds on submitted or lost paperwork.NameChangeInc.com reserves the right to cancel cases/orders at anytime. Refunds are not given on filed cases. As stated above; you will receive a full refund if the courthouse rejects our name change petitions/documents only. You will not receive a refund if the courthouse/judge rejects or denies your name change application/request.

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