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It can be career related reasons, religious reasons, divorce, marriage, gender change, a new start in life, or simply the dissatisfaction of your current name, let the experts at NameChangeInc.com assist you with your legal name change procedures. The associates of NameChangeInc.com have assisted thousands of adults, parents, legal guardians, & professionals with their name change reasons.

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Adult Name Changes

An adult can file a name change petition (change or modification of first, middle, last or entire name) if he/she is over the age of majority in the state they currently reside in. Some state require that the adult be a resident of that state for a period of 6 months prior to any name change petitions.

Some Reasons for Adult Name Changes

  • Getting Married.
  • Professional and Career reasons.
  • Getting Divorced.
  • Dissatisfaction of your current name.
  • Religious Reasons.
  • Foreign Nationality
  • Cumbersome Reasons.
  • Add or to Remove Family Name.
  • Gay or Lesbian.
  • Sex Reassignment Surgery/ Gender Change.
  • In certain states, you can immediately change your name when filing for your marriage license. On that specific license, the surname can be changed. Some individuals decide to change their name after a couple of years of marriage.
  • Changing your name for career reasons is a very common practice when it comes to an adult name change petition.
  • Individuals that did not change their name during the divorce procedures can file a name change to return to their original name (maiden name).
  • If you never liked your birth given name, you can file for an adult name change. This is also a very common practice when it comes to an adult name change petition.
  • Individuals change their name due to religious reasons. Some individuals change or adopt new religions and seek a name change. This is also a very common practice in name change laws.
  • Cumbersome reasons involves such things as spelling of the name or the difficulty of the pronunciation.
  • Some Individuals simply want to add or remove a family given name.
  • Gay and Lesbian reasons include reasons such as the partners would like to have the same last name.
  • Many individuals change their name after they receive a gender change.

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