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It can be career related reasons, religious reasons, divorce, marriage, gender change, a new start in life, or simply the dissatisfaction of your current name, let the experts at NameChangeInc.com assist you with your legal name change procedures. The associates of NameChangeInc.com have assisted thousands of adults, parents, legal guardians, & professionals with their name change reasons.

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Can I change my Birth Certificate/Social/Passport once the court approves my name change?

Yes. Once the name change has been approved, you can contact Vital Records of your birth state and amend your birth certificate. You can also amend and receive all new documents such social, driver license, ID's, etc.

Will I have to make a representation in front of a judge when I file name change?

This depends on your state. You might not have to make a representation.

Can someone object to my name change petition?

Yes. Objections made can influence the courts decision on whether the name change is granted.

What are some reason my name change application can be denied?

If you are trying to:
  • Avoid Judgment, debts or any type of obligations.
  • Fraudulent Purposes.
  • Capitalize on trademarked or celebrity names (Living or Deceased).
  • Promote racial slurs or discrimination.
  • Promote or to cause violence.

Do I have to pay a court filing fee? Can this be waived?

Yes. You might have to pay a court filing fee. Filing fees range from $40-$400 depending on the fee schedule of the courts. You can file a fee waiver to exempt the court filing fee, however this depends on your financial background.

Will filing my name change affect my child support, alimony, or other entitlements?

No. Name change should not affect these entitlements; however you must notify these agencies of your new name.

How long does it usually take to file a name change once the petitions have been submitted to the courthouse?

In most courts, it usually takes 30-90 days. This depends on the state procedure and court volume.

When filing a minor name change, will I need consent from the other parent?

Yes. You will need consent from the other parent.

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