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It can be career related reasons, religious reasons, divorce, marriage, gender change, a new start in life, or simply the dissatisfaction of your current name, let the experts at NameChangeInc.com assist you with your legal name change procedures. The associates of NameChangeInc.com have assisted thousands of adults, parents, legal guardians, & professionals with their name change reasons.

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Basic State Guidelines & Legal Restrictions

Publication of your new name

During the filing of your name change petition, the court might require that you publish your name in a circulating newspaper. This is a legal process required by the courts. On the day of your filing, the clerk will provide you information on where to publish your name. Once that publication has been made the courts receive "Proof of Publication" and the next step of the name change procedure is carried out.

State Filing Fees

In almost every state, the person filing the name change petition must pay the required filing fees to the courts. Please check with the fee schedule of your court or contact NameChangeInc for more information. These fees various from state to state/county to county. Individuals can also file a fee waiver which will dismiss the court filing fees. The clerk will provide you this document (depending your state, filing fees range from $40-$300+)

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