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Gay Couples & Name Change (see below for gender)July 23 ,2019

Our goal is to become the best U.S. Advocates for Gay/Lesbian and Gender name changes by fighting for your legal rights and providing exceptional information and services. Changing your current legal name to your partner name is very common and perfectly legal (outside or within marriage; marriage is not a prerequisite). As an Adult it is within you civil right to conduct and petition a new name change. Most gay and lesbian couples simply change their surname to reflect their partner’s surname. This shows: (1) the strong committed relationship within the couples (2) a strong family unit; especially if children are involved (3) symbolic society component (4) tradition, etc. All orders are processed within 24-48 hours (free shipping).

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  • Professionally draft and prepare your Adult or Minor Name Change Petitions.
  • Process your order within 24 business hours.
  • Find the correct court venue.
  • Paralegals and State Experts working on your petitions.
  • Assist you with the changing of your Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.
  • Additional motion support (minor motion research, amended petitions, etc).
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if our petitions are not approved.

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Common and Popular Questions: Gay and Lesbian

  • Do I have to be married to my partner in order to conduct a name change? No: if your state does not allow same-sex marriage or if are not married, or are married; you can still have a name change petition to take on your partner's name.
  • If my state allows same-sex marriages can I change my first name or my middle name on the pending marriage license? No: The law does not permit you to change your first name or middle name through marriage. If you want to change your first, middle, or even last name to another different name (brand new name): you must file an adult name change. With an adult name change you are able to change your entire name (see adult name change for more information).
  • If I am simply taking my partner surname/name; can I change my first name, middle name and last name (brand new name)? Yes: If you are simply filing an adult name change you can change your entire name or simply add/remove/change a surname.
  • Will my documents change if I do want to take my partner's name? Yes: your documents (social security, ID's, driver licenses, passports, etc) will be amended and changed reflected the new maiden/surname.
  • Neither the use of, nor the failure to use, this option of selecting a new surname during or after same-sex marriage; or through the use of the Marriage License application or filing a new name change (gay/lesbian/gender change & any name change decree), affects your right to adopt a different, surname through usage at some future date (you will still be able to go back to your previous name or simply a new name (see adult name change intro).
  • If permitted by your state: your same-sex Marriage Certificate or court decree will constitute proof that the use of the new surname or the retention of the former name is lawful.
  • In a Gay/Lesbian relationship without marriage can I completely change my first, middle, or even my original surname? Yes (see adult name change introduction for more information).

    Do I have to be over the age of majority (18 years of age) to conduct a name change? Yes.

    Do I have to by law take on my partner's name? No!
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NameChangeInc.com has assisted thousands of adults with their adult name change petitions; let us conduct the legal name change work for you today. All orders are drafted professionally by attorneys and paralegals for your state.