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A divorce is the dissolution of a valid marriage. Conducting a name change after a legal divorce is a very common practice and procedure. Most adults that do get divorced simply elect to return to their original maiden name. If you have not returned to your maiden name during the divorce proceeding (divorce decree), Namechangeinc.com will assist you with this common process. All orders are processed within 24-48 hours (free shipping).

NameChangeInc.com Will:

  • Professionally draft and prepare your Adult or Minor Name Change Petitions.
  • Process your order within 24 business hours.
  • Find the correct court venue.
  • Paralegals and State Experts working on your petitions.
  • Assist you with the changing of your Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.
  • Additional motion support (minor motion research, amended petitions, etc).
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if our petitions are not approved.

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Common and Popular Questions: Divorce

  • Will my name be returned to its original surname after the divorce decree/name change? Yes: you will be returned back to your original maiden name once the name change is filed and approved.
  • Do I have to change my name back to its original maiden name or can I still keep my current spouse's surname? This is not a requirement or a law; the decision is completely within the individuals.
  • Will my documents change after my divorce and upon returning back to my original maiden name? Yes: your documents (social security, ID's, driver licenses, passports, etc) will be amended and changed back to your original maiden/surname.
  • Can I change the last name of my children after a divorce? The question is yes; however this will still be reviewed and decided by the courts (both parents must approve the name change unless one parent has full custody). You can certainly petition the courts for this process and argue your facts on why a minor name change is beneficial for the child (please see minor name changes for more information).
  • Does filing my name change and going back to my original maiden name effect child custody, child visitation rights, benefits, etc? No.
  • Same-sex partners and divorce: If your states permits same-sex marriages and divorces; the process is almost the same and all of the above applies.
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NameChangeInc.com has assisted thousands of adults with their adult name change petitions; let us conduct the legal name change work for you today. All orders are drafted professionally by attorneys and paralegals for your state.